Paul Rapson


I am a mixed media artist based in the New Forest who uses mainly local wood (reclaimed or virgin) with other materials – typically ceramic, glass or metal – to create unique and different abstract interior sculptures.

The inspirations come from following the natural flow of the wood grain to guide the shaping process. Then often I contrast it with a much harder, more modern material.

I sell my work through Palais des Vaches Gallery in the New Forest and in 2024 won the  sculpture prize at the St Barbe Art Museum & Art Gallery.

I ran an industrial photographic business for 40+ years and also enjoyed international successes with some ‘unconventional’ photographs – a trait that has continued into my 3D creations!

I love to make people do a ‘double take’ and see the hidden elements in my pieces. My attention to detail has not wavered since the change from 2D to 3D creations and lasting quality is a must with all pieces. I enjoy the technical challenge of bringing together two or more different materials in the final piece, creating something thought-provoking or simply pleasing to the eye.