Vanessa Wells

Illustration & Fabric Design

I am an illustrator, who practises mainly in digital format.

Chilli Fox is my main project. It comprises a whole range of animal illustrations in the pen-and-ink illustration tradition, but with modern themes and flourishes.

It all started when I began drawing animals with surprisingly human traits. The first design was a badger with a glass of wine… Who hasn’t felt like they wanted a sit down with a glass of their favourite tipple like him?. 

This idea evolved into the menagerie that is Chilli Fox, which now has over 100 designs of different animals.  

It is a labour of love to depict so many animals – domestic and exotic – and I enjoy either embellishing expected traits, or creating unexpected juxtapositions with their secret lives.

​This epic project has expanded and I use these motifs as surface pattern design for fabrics and create my own range of beautiful and fun accessories.

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