Nic Monks

Jewellery Designer

I’m a jewellery designer and maker based in Southampton, with a passion for working with recycled and repurposed materials. My goal is to create unique and beautiful pieces of jewellery that blend sterling silver with recovered materials.

My collections are all about sustainability. I believe in giving new life to what most consider ‘waste’ materials. By combining recycled and repurposed elements, I aim to showcase their inherent beauty and value.

In my current collections, you’ll find pieces crafted from recycled sterling silver, copper and salvaged wood from an abandoned furniture restorer’s workshop. Working with these materials presents a wonderful challenge, as I strive to give them new purpose and significance. Using traditional silver and goldsmithing techniques, I transform them into wearable art with a touch of elegance, individuality and a hidden story.

I’m proud to be a member of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery and the Guild of Jewellery Designers.

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