Louise Brown


Being able to create functional and decorative pieces from a bundle of dried sticks really strikes a chord with me; how can something so beautiful be made from such humble beginnings?

This sustainable approach is much of the appeal of basketmaking, along with the knowledge that this is a craft that has been practised for, quite literally, thousands of years, using the same techniques, weaves and simple hand tools.

Willow baskets are now enjoying quite a revival of interest – we all want to be more ecological and sustainable in our use of materials, and a willow basket is truly a bag for life. Add to this willow obelisks and other plant supports and containers for outdoors, bird feeders, garden decorations – not only do these sit beautifully in the environment, they eventually naturally biodegrade leaving nothing unpleasant behind to damage our planet.

Although I have been weaving with willow for more than 20 years, it is the teaching of basketmaking and willow-weaving that givs me the most pleasure, so this now fills most of my time.

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