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I come from an arty family, so it went unquestioned that I would continue that legacy and become a painter. It seemed a much easier prospect than venturing forth into the world to find a ‘proper job’.

Concentrating on portraiture for most of my life, I also paint wildlife and animals in all their various settings.

I studied at Southampton, where I became passionate and prolific with my work. I focus mostly on portraits and body forms to commission and show extensively throughout the South.

Living close to the New Forest I take every opportunity to paint the roaming animals, forever marvelling at the wonderful landscape, which remains as natural as it ever was.

In 2007 I embarked on a project of tonal values in collage work. It was a very large, A1-size image of John Lennon, created from torn newspaper scraps and glue.  No marks of any kind were added and no scissors were used. It took six months to complete and was very popular with the art scene.  The local paper gave it a front page spread and it took off in a big way.  It was shown at the Corceaux Gallery in Stockbridge and shortly after that it was shown alongside John Lennon’s own travelling art exhibition. It could have sold many times over, but, as I knew that the newspaper would eventually break down, I decided it was best left on my wall, where it hangs to this day… albeit a little brown.

After two years of ill health and vision in only one eye, I am back making the work I love, although large collage pieces are out of the question as I have no 3D perspective.

I live and work full-time in my studio in Romsey, Hampshire.

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