Emma Baker


As a textile designer and handweaver, I create luxury, handwoven shawls, scarves, cowls, and other accessories. I weave on a large, 8 shaft floor loom and a smaller, rigid heddle loom using predominantly natural fibres.
My woven fabric is most often produced using Merino lambswool or cotton, but some fabric is woven using yarn which has been hand processed and spun from local sheep and alpaca fleeces.
A favourite design is deflected doubleweave, where coloured yarns are interchanged between the two sides of the weave. This gives a reversible pattern that is both modern and contemporary with a striking colour block appearance.
I weave collections of woven accessories, with each collection being unique in colour or design. My aim is simply to produce a wearable piece of art that will become a treasured and often-worn accessory.
I enjoy teaching others to weave and run regular workshops with fellow weaver Gillian Siggers. We have created ‘TabbyandTweed’ where we also design, produce and sell various weaving loom kits visit us onm the web or see our instagram. Our most popular kits include a bookmark weaving loom kit, square and circular frame looms, and sampling looms, which are all perfect for people wanting to learn to weave on a small scale.

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