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I have been a woodturner for over 25 years, producing both decorative and functional items, mainly from locally-sourced indigenous woods.

Wood is one of the world’s most beautiful natural materials; each type has warmth, texture and a patina that has no equal.

With the careful management and regeneration of our woods and forests, it is possible, with care, to grace our homes with objects crafted from wood, today and into the future.

It was J B Priestly who wrote, “Into this material passed the Sun and Rain, it has lived and some secret part of it still lives”

The craftsmanship of the woodturner lets the wood live again as an object to be cherished, handled and cared for.

It is with this in mind that I strive to create items worthy of the wood I use.

Indigenous woods are my first choice: Yew, with its beauty and richness of colour, and the unpredictability and wild grain structure of both Burr Elm and Burr Oak, are my favourites.

For weed pots and stylised fungi Yew has no equal, while bowls and vessels in any of the Burr woods show the gnarls and whirls off to dramatic effect. Ash, Box, Sycamore and the fruit woods all offer opportunities to create items using a variety of techniques.

I also produce items using Laburnum, Walnut and Horse Chestnut and, occasionally, some of the exotic imported woods, such as Sapele and Zebrano.

I use only three types of finish on my work, all of which are natural products that give varying texture and colours: Carnauba wax is used to attain a gloss finish; Renaissance wax gives a gloss or sheen finish that highlights the texture and feel of the wood, while for Burrs there is Mineral oil or Calamine oil. This is absorbed into the wood and dries to give a matt finish which can also be brought to a fine sheen look with an application of a paste wax.

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