Ollie Chappell


I first enjoyed playing with clay at school. Then, about 10 years ago, I went to pottery classes for a couple of hours a week and became hooked once again. That was it; I bought a second-hand wheel and a kiln and off I went. Apart from attending a few workshops, I am self taught.

I particularly love the process of Raku, which brings an element of surprise with every firing! Raku is an old Japanese technique that involves the bisque-fired ceramic being fired a second time in a gas kiln very quickly, taking the temperature up to 900ºC. It is taken out immediately and placed into a dustbin containing a bed of sawdust. The sawdust immediately catches fire and the lid is put on to create smoke. This is the exciting bit, as you never quite know what effects the smoke is going to create on the surface. This makes every piece unique.

In addition, I have recently begun creating outside pieces and sculptures in stoneware.  

As a very keen gardener, I am greatly influenced by Nature and plants. 

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