Karen Townsend

Ceramic Artist

I am a self-taught, intuitive potter, creating ceramic art evocative of sea life and the coast. I discovered my talent for ceramics during lockdown and chose to follow my passion by setting up Misty Ceramics, a home studio based on the South Coast in Hill Head, Hampshire.

I have always had a Saltwater Spirit and my work captures the mysteries of the sea, especially corals and shells, and reflects my joy of scuba diving.

My work encourages people to touch and delve into the pieces. They are sculptural as well as functional, recreating a tidal sense of other-worldliness, a watery feel of celestial treasures from deep in the ocean.

My designs incorporate many techniques, but I especially love throwing a piece and then transforming it through sculpture or carving. Every twist, dent, and pinch of the clay is an exploration into new forms.

I am a member of the Southern Ceramic Group, exhibiting with them as a new artist in 2022.
I am also exhibiting at the Titchfield and Whitchurch Art Shows.

I am collaborating with an ethical gift shop in Gosport, and will also be participating in the Hampshire Open Studios event from my Hill Head studio in August 2022.

My work seeks to celebrate the coast through art. I want you to feel a sea breeze in a pot.

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