Deanna Hilton

Textile Designer

Taught by my mother and then excellent school teachers, I have been sewing since about the age of 3. I have acquired many techniques over the years and enjoy every minute of adapting them to my present work.   Disciplines have ranged from dressmaking, tailoring, bridal, many and varied additional crafts and then my own soft furnishing business.

Today I work with leather, textiles, macramé and bookbinding. I particularly enjoy working with leather and Tweeds as they complement each other so well; the two materials are a joy to work with.

Over the years I have taught and given talks and demonstrations to various groups. After 40 years’ absence from the craft, I am about to embark, once more, on teaching macramé and micro macramé. I have a workroom at home, which you are most welcome to visit by appointment.

Macramé for beginners

Please enquire if you are interested in learning macramé.

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